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Coolingmist Methanol Kit 5 Gallon Single Nozzel

BMS Turbo BMW WMI Water/Meth/Alky Injection Kits

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Make tremendous amounts of power on pump gas!

Water/Methanol/Alcohol injection commonly referred to as WMI allow you to make tremendous amounts of power on pump gas. The effect is similar to running 100 octane racec gas or E85 fuel all the time with the additional cooling benefits allowing for more power than you can make on race gas or E85 alone.

The key to a safe and effective WMI setup is tuning integration. All BMS kits integrate to the JB4 tuning system allowing for precise mapping based on boost, throttle position, engine speed, intake temperature, advance, gear, and other data elements available to the JB4 through its CAN bus flow drops for any reason the JB4 will safely back down performance to avoid knock. In Addition WMI can be activated or disabled from the driver's seat, will automatically disengage during traction control or safety map situations, and WMI flow data can displayed in dash and/or via your JB4 Mobile logging device.

BMW kits include a high quality 220psi Aquatec WMI pump (the industry standard), methanol compatible solenoid with filter, compression fittings reducing the risk of dangerous leaks, and all required wirring and mounting hardware.

There are two decisions to be made when selecting a WMI kit. Which tank and which nozzles.

BMW Stealth tank:

With our gallon stealth tank the WMI pump mounts directly to the tank and the entire assembly fits cleanly within the existing trunk cavity in your F3X or F8X vehicle for the ultimate easy to install no compromise kit. Stows hidden under your trunk floor. Comes with standard plastic 2 way vented black plastic cap. Works with all DDP 5800 pumps.  Made in USA.

Suits for: 2012+ 3 Series F30 sedan, 2014+ 4 series F32 coupe, 2015+ F80/F82 (M3/M4)


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