It's all about the PASSION

We start with passion of the “Performance Car” since 2000. Borned as a Cockpit Auto by 2008 and keep innovative & efforts until now with various services and experiences.

Workshop. It's arround 650meters square with 13 workbays.
Car Lift. 1 scissor lift, 1 eagle lift and 1 more planed on 2019.
Welding Facility. 2 high grade welding machines and high quality materials (our products provided with 2 years warranty)
Exclusive Lounge. 
Cozy place and get free soft drink or coffee.
Shop. Arround 12meters square for product display area.
Tools. All cars scanner devices and engineer tools for best diagnosis and solutions.

OUR MISSION: Always keep up for quality, maintain our Customer’s expectation and advising Customers about vehicle durability & safety riding. 


Service Contract. 
We have commited corporation to serve their operational cars. As a part of “Service Contract”, well prepared and great support parts/oils is a must.

Warranty. Providing annual warranty and ensuring your ride stay durable is our main mission. Drive your car with full of comfort and tranquility. - Love your car, care your lifes -

Regular Treatment. Regular treatment with 12 working points, including with general check-up to providing best solution.
It is important to keep a car performance, for your best riding experiences.

Repair & Maintenance.
 A lot of cars repaired by us with a 100% genuine parts since 2010.

In-house Production. We provide solusions with grade local handcrafted products. - Isn’t just a custom jobs, is a passion of arts. -

Speed Shop. Providing proven solution on upgrading performance.
We learn and learn to find the best way and best solution on tuning the car. We have to know exactly how far the limit.
It isn’t just the speed, but we build a performance car and still focus on car durability and safety drive.
Build a Car. 
When stock car isn’t enough, we build a competition car.
- We build, not just modify -

Accessories & Merchandise. 
A lot of fun when we drove our ride with a great looks and high quality materials. Race looks, luxurious looks or any other looks you need? We do for your best taste.